Welcome to Moulton Elementary!

Moulton Elementary personifies GRIT. Every one of our students and our staff demonstrates a degree of being gritty on a daily basis. Digging deep and getting the job done is what we do. Our belief is that every person at Moulton Elementary is Gifted, Resilient, Intelligent and Tenacious. Moulton is one of the most culturally diverse schools in the state of Iowa with more than 30 different languages spoken. We are a Title 1 school providing a rigorous education for every student. We strive to meet the social, emotional, relational and academic needs of every child. We are an Early Literacy Initiative school where we target foundational skills in literacy from pre-k to 5th grade. We are also a Turn Around Arts School that will be implementing TurnAround Arts strategies to meet the needs of all learners. We are very proud of the staff and students at Moulton and we are all willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that every student at Moulton succeeds!

If you need anything from staff or one of our administrative team members, please do not hesitate to ask.

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