Early Childhood

Marlene Ackiss

Preschool Associate

P: 515-242-8427 | E: marlene.ackiss@dmschools.org


     Hi, I am Ms. A.  The kids named me back in 1995 because they could not say Ms. Ackiss, and I've kept the name ever since.  I started working for DMPS in 1980, and it's been like being on a train ride when you go from one school to another. One day an angel came to me and said, "Moulton needs you," so in 1995 I started here as the lunch room coordinator.  I also worked for the Metro Kids after school program.  In 1997, I became associate teacher for 5th and 6th grade special education and as well as a building associate.  The little while later the angel came back to me and said, "You belong in Early Childhood."  Before I knew it an opening in Head Start was waiting for me. I was so happy where I was that I worked for free until someone asked if I had gotten paid yet. We were working and enjoying the kids so much that we didn't notice we hadn’t gotten paid!  I have truly been blessed by my wonderful family of Moulton.


Outside of Moulton, I am also a state childcare provider. I have also recently completed my CDA, a credential awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition in Washington, D.C.  I am a mother of four with 12 grandchildren.

Heather Werning


P: 515-242-8427 | E: heather.werning@dmschools.org


     Hi, my name is Heather Werning- aka Mrs. W. and I am the Shared Vision Preschool Teacher at Moulton.  In 2009 I came to Moulton as a graduate from Iowa State University and have been here ever since. I love every part of preschool from the singing, dancing, playing, experimenting, reading, and of course learning that we do every day. The pure joy that glows from a child when they learn something new and the number of times I get to see that in a day is what keeps me here at Moulton.

My husband and I currently live in a small town north of Ankeny with our daughter Victoria who turned 2 this past June and are expecting our second child this coming April. As a family we love spending time outdoors, whether it is fishing, 4 wheeling, hiking, or just playing at a park you will more than likely catch us outdoors. I also love to read and scrapbook!  I look forward to meeting you throughout this coming school year!!!